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GPS Carolina Free Innovative Player Clinics

GPS Carolina is delighted to announce our next set of free programming at a location near you this coming December for all players regardless of ability and club affiliation. The clinic will serve as an introduction to the new GPS Innovative Player Program.

The GPS Innovative Player is an extensive player development program designed by the GPS Technical Department to create players who can dominate in the four different 1v1 situations (face to face, side to side, attacking diagonally and back to opposition).

Through our progressive curriculum, each session sees players learn skills in low pressure environments before our series of 1v1 exercises provide them game related scenarios in which they can apply and execute what they have learned. 

The long-term goal is to create players who are exciting, creative and brave on the ball - the type of player who uses imagination and technical ability to be innovative and is brave to try things that may be out of their comfort zone. The session will provide all players the tools to attempt these things both in practice and in games.

Select your nearest location below to register now!